Blackpool Raspberry Jam and Coronavirus / COVID-19

The issue of Coronavirus / COVID-19 is dominating our thoughts right now. With the recent news that the UK expects the situation to peak in 12 weeks time, with many people being ill. We are asked to be socially responsible and to ensure that we keep ourselves and others healthy. Right now in Blackpool there are only 2 cases of COVID-19 from a population of 140,000 but it is set to get worse in the coming months.

With this in mind I am announcing that

Blackpool Raspberry Jam is CANCELLED until June 13 2020

When hopefully COVID-19 will be but a bad memory.

Why have I taken this action?

Right now the government and health service know very little about this virus, but they do know that children can catch it and show very few of the symptoms, sometimes only slight symptoms. The Jam has members of the public who are much older and with varying levels of health, and sadly the virus is much worse for them.
To protect everyone I made this decision, with a heavy heart as the Jam is popular with many of the parents and kids that come along.

What will happen if there are updates?

I will update this blog...

  • If there is any change in policy and I can run an earlier Jam.
  • If there are any further delays, pushing the next jam to later in the year.

Fingers crossed and best wishes to all.