Blackpool Raspberry Jam - Getting Organised

Hello, welcome to 2016!

With a new year comes a renewed vigour to make our Raspberry Jam the best that it can be and with that in mind here is some big news!


Dates for future Jams

We have booked our room for all of 2016 and we can announce that there will be a Blackpool Raspberry Jam every second Saturday of the month

We have produced a Google calendar that has all of the dates, it is embedded below and has it's own web page at

Code Club

At our February meeting we would like to discuss running a small Code Club as a means of introducing children and parents to coding / computers.
In late 2015 the Raspberry Pi Foundation merged with Code Club to fulfil their shared goal of helping kids to learn computer science.
Our Jams are rather informal but we have seen a rise in the number of parents attending with their children, who would like to learn more about Computers / Coding and Electronics.
Our Blackpool Raspberry Jam team would love to help you and so we need to hear from you about how we can help you :)

Our next Jam is on February 13th grab your free ticket below and see you there!