Christmas 2019!

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Christmas image

In a workshop far away, elves work night and day to bring us the latest toys and gadgets. In his office, Father Christmas has a problem....

"I've run out of ideas!!!"


Can we help Father Christmas?

Makers of Blackpool Raspberry Jam... Father Christmas needs your help to design the latest toy / must have gadget!


You need to design and build a new toy for Father Christmas at Blackpool Raspberry Jam

Makers! Let's Invent:Advent and save Christmas!!

Parents / Guardians

alt This is a project called Invent:Advent, that I (Les) started to help children to invent and explore what they can achieve for very little money.

The basic rules of the project are

  • You can spend no more than £5 on parts and they must come from a Poundshop (Poundlan or less than £1 for bits and pieces from B&Ms / Home Bargains)
  • Children are free to take the project in any direction they wish (arts, crafts, electronics, computing, sewing, knitting etc)
  • Blackpool Raspberry Jam will provide tools and equipment on the day, so there is no need to worry about bringing screwdrivers / cellotape etc. But if you have a specific piece of equipment that you need for the day, bring it with you.
  • Children are encouraged to work together.
  • There will be prizes!!

On the day we shall also be taking lots of pics which we shall share on Twitter via the invent:advent hashtag. (Parent/Guardian consent will be asked before doing so)

What did we make last year?

Well we had lots of projects made from arts and crafts and electronics.
alt We had a light up Christmas scene.
alt and we had a light up snowman

Will there be food?

Les has had a word with Father Christmas, and there will be..Cakes and pop!!!

Will there be presents?

Possibly ;)

So what do we need to do?



Start writing your ideas down and help Father Christmas to create the latest gadget / toy invention!