March 2020 Jam

The next jam will be on March 14 at 10am in the Activities Room, Palatine Library. Free tickets available here

What are we doing this month?

Flying Drones!!

Drone programming with Tynker

Using Tynker, a free app for Android and iPad we will learn how to safely fly the drones using code.

Drones with a laptop

For the more advanced coder we can also use Python to control the drones via a laptop.

As we shall be flying drones in a confined space, we need to be aware of each others health and safety. Children must only fly the drones when instructed to do so. And only in the areas designated by the mentors.
This session can be enjoyed by coders from 8 upwards with parental supervision.

The rules

  • Every pilot must obey the rules or they cannot fly.
  • Only take off when instructed to do so by a mentor.
  • Do not fly outside the safety zone.
  • Do not fly the drone near anyone.
  • Do not fly the drones at each other.
  • Land the drone when instructed by a mentor.

Free tickets!