Our 4th Birthday Party

It's our birthday!

September 8, 1pm at Palatine Library is the place to be for our 4th Birthday Bash!

Four years ago

Blackpool Raspberry Jam was founded in September 2014 as a way for children (and adults) from any background to come together and sample the Raspberry Pi, learn new skills and socialise. It was just handy that we had a load of kit that people could play with.
kids playing with a Hot Wires game Over the years we have learnt new skills such as
Crumble electronics kit controlling a Poundland Christmas toy * How to build Electronic circuits with Hot Wires * How to build robots * Help Father Christmas design the next "must have toy" * Use the micro:bit to create controllers for robots * Use VR with robots! Lorraine Underwood and family playing with VR robots

Family sat chatting with Pete Lomas We've had some famous faces come along, including some guy called Pete Lomas, who designed the first Raspberry Pi!

But no matter what, each month we have had FUN!!!

We want cake!

So on September 8 at 1pm we shall have our next Raspberry Jam and this will be our Birthday Bash! That means free pizza, pop, cake and of course a large slice of Raspberry Pi.

If you would like to come along, then please help yourself to as many tickets as you need.
Tickets help us to bring enough kit for everyone to play with...oh and so we order enough pizza!

Children, remember to bring your parents / guardian so they can enjoy playing with Pi and eating pizza!

Get your free tickets!